Blending Two Different Travel Styles Into A Cohesive Romantic Getaway

Need some tips about blending your travel styles when planning your honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway? There are three tips to think about: 1) what is your budget? Both travelers should be on the same page regarding how much you want to spend, 2) how long do you want to travel? The destinations available forContinue reading “Blending Two Different Travel Styles Into A Cohesive Romantic Getaway”

Deciding On Your Splurge Experience

You should consider spending a little more on a splurge experience for your honeymoon or anniversary. How that splurge experience will look like depends on you and your partner and what you both enjoy. Some examples I have previously booked are private dining experiences at landmarks, helicopter rides, and adventure activities such as sandboarding. StillContinue reading “Deciding On Your Splurge Experience”